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MEMENTO MORI skull series

Anamnesis is a concept in Plato's epistemological and psychological
  theory that he develops in his dialogues Meno and Phaedo, and alludes to in his Phaedrus. It is the idea that humans possess knowledge from past incarnations and that learning consists 
of rediscovering that knowledge within us.
in Phaedo Plato presents a way of living that would enable one to overcome the misleading nature of the body through katharsis (Greek: κάθαρσις; “cleansing” (from guilt or defilement), “purification”). The body and its senses are the source of error; knowledge can only be regained through the use of our reason, contemplating things with the soul (noesis).

Anamnesis skull "work in progress"

To create Anamnesis  ,I used the help of a mirror, for each step I had to draw one
side and then mirror it,to see if it was what i wanted.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Ishtar Dream

"Ishtar Dream"
Ballpoint pen,graphite
moleskine series

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Ile Puná, Guayas, Equator 1952
 Rolf Blomberg

Friday, March 04, 2016

Julunggul "NEW"

JULUNGGUL is the Aboriginal Goddess of rain, water, and initiation. She is the great Rainbow Snake of the Dreamtime, which preceded the coming of man. Sometimes seen as male, sometimes as female, Julunggul created all the rivers of the land, and then went to live in the bottom of a deep waterhole .

She is also Lilith, According to Jewish folklore Lilith was Adam’s first wife,She represents the deeper, darker fear men have of women and female sexuality. Inasmuch as female sexuality, as a result of this fear, has been repressed and subjected to the severest controls in Western patriarchal society, so too has the figure of Lilith been kept hidden.