Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Soft Gallery and Meyoko - Woman wear 2013

Glad to announce my collaboration with the Soft Gallery  , i ve been  recently contacted by Barbara Hvidt  that asked me  if i wanted to collaborate with them for their next collection  in 2013  :) .

Designer Tina Holt Miller and fashion photographer and stylist Barbara Hvidt are behind Soft Gallery, founded in 2007. Their selection of clothing has been created in collaboration with local and international artists, whose illustrations and artwork specially translated into Soft Gallery's clothes.The collections consist of simple but sophisticated designs with an artistic twist in the form of handmade embroidery and striking illustrations of comfortable jersey.

The co founders of Soft Gallery are designer Tine Holt Moeller and photographer Barbara Hvidt, both of whom are educated in London. Tine Holt Moeller has previously worked for Jeff Griffin, Kenzo Ki, Mambo, H2O, Bruuns Bazaar and Red/Green.Barbara Hvidt has worked as a photographer, concept developer and stylist for a number of top international brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Nokia, Laura Biagiotti, Selfridges, Cover Magazine, Costume and Eurowoman.

Soft Gallery are currently cooperating with the Danish Indian Childrens Home to raise money through the sale of Soft Gallerys products for the childrens home which is located in the city of Arni in the southern India.