Wednesday, December 01, 2010


t is definitely  fantastic what is happening in my life in the last time  ..I remember that one  year ago, I was flipping  one copy of this famous Berlin  magazine ...I thought .. my works will never be in ... but some months ago searching for an email ..i found one really particular ..this was the "email "  i dont know for which reason i have ignored it  ..i felt so disappointed because the email said, that they wanted to publish me in their "next issue" and so i have calculated the date and i realized that the issue they wanted to publish me in these times ,   was the issue i was flipping months ago .
So i decided to answer the email one year later  as i couldnt sleep , so hard the shock was ...I had the chance to speak with one of the last people in this world with good manners .. very friendly and nice ... thank you Sven:)
  you will "adore" 
Lodown !! 

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