Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kult magazine : the fortune issue

I just picked up the latest issue of Kult magazine, it's beautiful as always. I have a drawing inside called Andromeda for the theme fortune even if my inspiration wasn't exactly this kind of fortune .

Buying from Gucci or Fendi makes people extremely happy .But if we look
beneath the monogram logos , leather embossed quilt and gold plated labels
,it is after -all, just an ordinary item . The difference between a pair of Jimmy Choo's and a pair of brandless heels is mainly , the brand .

Yes , some beg to differ , They argue that these luxury items are of higher quality , have better worksmaship and use top grade creme de la creme materials . But to some , buying these products makes them feel superior , boost their confidence , and generally , a lot more happier .

There is a downside to this though , For the majority , purchasing these items takes plenty of effort and savings . But they wouldn't mind scrimping and saving for weeks just to achieve their silver plated diamond encrusted Cartier dreams . If this is the current consumer buying trend , what if we can make these people happy everyday ? Let me correct myself , superficially happy .

by Clay Kuok 
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