Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Precious liquids

I just finished this  piece for the exhibition in Compound Gallery  . The theme is art made from or about paper and scissors , so I decided to make a collage of it  but in the beginning i didnt had a clear idea of what i wanted and  after few emails with spanish based Cyan magazine the inspiration was clear "waves "  , you will find the digital version of this collage in the next issue of Cyan magazine on July 29th :)  . Here is the front...


The liquids are those that the human body produces when subjected to emotions such as fear, joy, pleasure, suffering. Blood, milk, and tears are thus the precious liquids that I orchestrate in this collage .this collage is also a tribute to Louise Bourgeois ,precious liquids .

(precious liquids)
the pl paper is in yellowish white color
hight 42x33 width
gel ink on paper .