Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dont ask me questions about my life

i ve been sketching a lot in the last days , sometimes it s hard to be inspired  :(..i have so many things to draw and not enough time ,actually i am working for a big company designing for the first time an object i hope will be printed one day , then i must to apologize with all the magazines i ve been refusing "their interviews ", you must to understand that i am not like most of the illustrators here seeking notoriety ,i just want to do my art relax and cool if people can pay me for doing it , i dont want to be an star  ..i really dont care anymore if i am in the cover of a magazine or if i am in magazine , you lose so many time answering questions that remind you hard times in your life you dont want or need to remember anymore ,so if you have a blog feel free to use my images .. if your are a magazine i will contact you personally or just dont ask me questions about my life .