Friday, July 01, 2011

Boring as a paradox

I had the opportunity to contribute to a very interesting magazine ..if we can call it in that way , as for me there are some of these "magazines" that need urgently an other term , due to the quality of its publications .

"the Boring theme is a paradox, but wait until you see all the stunning visuals and read the fascinating stories". Being bored seems to be a most interesting state of mind for people to become even more creative.

We got some big names featuring this issue, and a large part of relatively unknown creative talent as well. All of them deserve a beautiful representation to a bigger audience. This is just one of those magazines you wish you bought before it sold out (we're only printing 500 collectibles).

O.K. Periodicals #6 is featuring: Harmen Liemburg, Gemma Correll, Francis Alÿs, Tom Gauld, Petra Kruijt, Meyoko, Pixy Liao, Simon Wild, Atle Mo, We Make Carpets, Helmut Smits, Jaap Blonk, Mr. Bingo, Berndnaut Smilde, Hans Eijkelboom, Sam Durant and many more...

Official Release !

Friday 8th July 2012
Venue: TAPE
Location: Hommelstraat 66, Arnhem (the Netherlands)
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There are already a lot of people showing up. Be there and get one of the first copies. Meet a lot of wonderful, inspiring people in the best bar in town!

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