Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scott Campbell

OHWOW will soon be inaugurating their LA gallery with a solo exhibition of recent work
by New York-based tattooist-turned-fine artist Scott Campbell. The exhibition, entitled
"Noblesse Oblige", is Campbell's West Coast debut and expands on his tattoo-inspired sculptures formed out of cut dollar bills; one new cubic piece, which measures over two-foot in width, uses $5000 worth of currency to create an intricate sunken relief.

Campbell has also chosen to take a step away from these relief works, for which he's become rather well-known, and has created a series of engraved copper plate prints, made using a tattoo gun, and a collection of drawings executed on the outside of delicate ostrich eggshells. The morbid, working-class imagery - which hints back to his career as a tattoo artist - remains, however - suggesting that Cambell is trying to create a new context for the genre, rather than leave his artistic beginnings behind. source : HUH magazine